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music night : Gkfoes vjgoaf

Kokoro had an amazing night of music by Gkfoes vjgoaf
during our featured exhibit by The Crow and The Wolf: “Spir·akasha”

Gkfoes vjgoaf is an exceptionally talented young musician out of Berkeley whose unique body of work doesn’t fall clearly into any one territory, but instead roams untethered, extending into hitherto unforeseen sonic wards. He single-handedly constructs an ingeniously substantial amalgamation of lo-fi savviness, delicately cultivated acoustics, and found-sound smatterings that suitably manage to escape genrefication at every turn. His gently lilting vocals and deceptively brittle instrumentation give way to ornate intonations that collide with subtle harmonic gestures to radiate a multi-hued spectrum of auditory ephemera which bide their time, cascading into a shimmering resonance.

Vjgoaf’s music possesses an exploratory quality that distinctly sets him apart from other like-minded musicians, allowing him to effortlessly sidestep the calculable tendencies that seem to characterise so much other experimental, psych-oriented folk fare these days. Instead, what you are ultimately left with with is a truly enduring sound, richly ingrained with a warm, stain-filtered luminescence, but wrought with a haunting fragility that has an altogether mesmerizing feel to it.

To learn more about Gkfoes vjgoaf please visit :

setting up

instantly his voice created an atmosphere and people fell into his world

energy flow

Kokoro got three Cassette tapes and two art books and one words booklet from him.

Cassette tapes are on sale from Ace of Tapes

or Download all his albums for free : Weed Temple

Thank you again Gkfoes vjgoaf. Kokoro is looking forward to have your show again!

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