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Preview, 7pm Thursday 3.1.2012: Artist Reception, 6pm Saturday 3.3.2012 “EARTH MOVEMENT”
Opens March 1st at 7PM for preview and again on March 3rd at 6PM with artist reception
Kokoro Studio is proud to announce “EARTH MOVEMENT,” a group art show featuring young creatives in collaboration with established artists. One year ago last March, a magnitude 9.0 earthquake struck Japan. It claimed the lives of more than 15,000 people, triggered nuclear accidents and moved earth on its axis. In acknowledgment of the anniversary of the tragic Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, co-curators Jeremy Brautman and Cooper Berella have assembled a show of support and solidarity from over 50 next generation emerging artists. Each artist (ages 2-16) was invited to collaborate with family and friends on artwork about nature’s powerful forces. There are many ways the earth moves: it spins, it shines, it shakes, it quakes… sometimes its effects are awesome, and other times, they are devastating. EARTH MOVEMENT is a visual conversation about this duality. 
EARTH MOVEMENT’s artists come from diverse backgrounds, but most share Japanese art and culture as a source of inspiration. San Francisco locals Brixton (with Ferris Plock & Kelly Tunstall), Mia & Mason (with Kirkland Jue), James (with Julie West) and Max (with Mark Nagata) will show their work alongside painting progeny Kayleigh (with Dave McDowell), Arata & Akira (with Jeremiah Ketner), Madison (with Lou Pimentel), and Anke & Majda (with Travis Lampe) and toy designer descendants Sam (with 64Colors), Anneliese (with Jeff Lamm), Gabriella (with Jermaine Rogers), Lyla Belle (Scott Tolleson), Will, Aidan & Mae (with MAD) and Daelyn, Jordan & Madison (with Sket One). In addition to the collaborations, EARTH MOVEMENT will feature stand out solo work from young artists, plus friends of kids everywhere including: Dankeschoen, Gary Baseman, Luke Chueh and Shin Tanaka. Kokoro Studio’s walls will be covered with art by kids and the grownups who love them!
Kokoro Studio is located in San Francisco, a city that’s no stranger to “earth movement”. Come out and join us for an evening of art, family fun, and light refreshments. EARTH MOVEMENT is the gallery debut for most of the show’s young artists. The curators and many artists will be in attendance at the opening reception on March 3rd. A portion of proceeds from EARTH MOVEMENT will be donated to Arts for Hope, a Japanese group that provides mental care to earthquake survivors through creative activities. 
For more information, and the latest updates, please visit:
For interviews with artists and curators, please contact jeremy [at] artkivers [dot] com
EARTH MOVEMENT is happy to donate between 20%-100% of proceeds from the sale of each artwork in our show to ARTS FOR HOPE
7pm Thursday 11.3.2011: Art Opening: “The Squared Circle” by William Emmert

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—Get into the ring… Kokoro Gallery presents a solo exhibition of new work by William Emmert, on view through November 24th. “The Squared Circle” is Emmert’s first solo exhibition in San Francisco, and will feature mixed media works on childhood wrestling posters and a handmade VHS tape collection.

William Emmert’s playful and fantastical art harvests new discoveries from the dusty artifacts of an average childhood. Remaking and painting over imagery from wrestling magazines, baseball cards, and bad movies, Emmert’s pop explosions deliver a chair shot of cool composition and absurd iconography. Filled with firm lines, bright hues, and drop kicks of adolescent memories, his paintings celebrate the strange poses of macho heroes and the imaginary landscapes they inhabit.

Emmert’s colorful bursts of distorted ephemera aim to highlight forgotten fantasies and the need to time-travel within one’s own personal history. Conveying blurred references to bedroom posters, teenage collections, and hero worship, the artworks serve as stand-ins holding the place for a desired myth. Emmert’s reinventions remind us of the curious and beautiful forms lurking underneath even the silliest displays of popular art and mass marketing.

William Emmert is from Seattle, Washington, and is currently based in San Francisco.

“The Squared Circle” will be on view at Kokoro Studio from November 3 to 24, 2011. There will be a public opening reception on Thursday, November 3 from 7 to 10pm. Kokoro Studio is located at 682 Geary Street in San Francisco, just a few blocks from Union Square, and is open Thursday through Friday from 2pm to 8pm, Saturday from 12pm to 7pm, and by appointment. For more information, please visit and

TRICK OR TREAT! Halloween Party this Saturday 9pm- Late


Halloween Party with Live Painting by Anyone with Costume!

Host: Kokoro Studio
Place: Kokoro Studio
Start: 9pm - Late
Music: DJ Raymond Sebastien

BYOB. Colors and Canvas are provided. Free Entry.

7pm Thursday 10.6.2011: Art Opening: “Kokoro” Kokoro Second Year Anniversary Group Show

Kokoro Studio is proud to mark our second anniversary, reflecting on the essence of Kokoro Studio: a portal toward new ideas and worlds within. 

This month we present the return of Kokoro artists Maria Berrio, Sara Christian, Yuriko Katori, Mayumi Tanaka, and an interactive projection by Superdeux. We are also pleased to present a collaboration with Japanese calligrapher Aoi Yamaguchi.

We invite you to celebrate with us as we remember the past two years, and embark on another year of discovery.

"Kokoro" will be on view at Kokoro Studio from October 6 to 27, 2011. There will be a public opening reception on Thursday, October 6 from 7 to 10pm. Kokoro Studio is located at 682 Geary Street in San Francisco, just a few blocks from Union Square, and is open Thursday through Friday from 1pm to 8pm, Saturday from 12pm to 7pm, and by appointment. For more information, please visit

7pm Thursday 9.8.2011: Art Opening: “Smile to Your Life!” by Jonathan Wallraven

Kokoro Studio announces

"Smile to Your Life!"
by Jonathan Wallraven

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—Kokoro Studio is pleased to announce a solo show of new work by Jonathan Wallraven, on view through September 29. “Smile to Your Life!” is Wallraven’s first San Francisco solo exhibition, and will feature black-and-white ink drawings on panels and wall-hung sculptures.

Wallraven’s drawings depict slightly grotesque women, open-mouthed, with their words and thoughts spelled out inside irregular speech bubbles. Phrases like “Smile to your life!” “Add it up!” and “Embrace nothing” are imperative statements bordering on the non-sensical. Wallraven likens these phrases to zen koan, short questions or statements that require intuition, rather than rational thinking, to decipher. The nonsense quality, along with heartfelt sincerity and a healthy sense of humor, disarms the audience to reveal deeper truths about the self.

This absurd language is accompanied by equally absurd images. The unrealistic, Photoshopped women found in magazines and print advertising are the source material of Wallraven’s figures. He alters their already distorted forms through a transformative drawing process. A small original drawing in made in his distinctive style, then a skewed projection of that drawing is traced onto the wall or a panel. Recently, Wallraven added another layer of distortion by projecting his final drawings onto three-dimensional surfaces. The images stretch and warp across the object’s planes, becoming unrecognizable at certain points. The result, although far removed from reality, replicates the combination of discomfort and humor that marks everyday life. 

Jonathan Wallraven is an American artist who was born and raised in Tennessee. He studied studio art at Middle Tennessee State University, where he was trained in printmaking, drawing, and sculpture. He is currently an MFA candidate at California College of the Arts. Wallraven lives and works in San Francisco. 

"Smile to Your Life!" will be on view at Kokoro Studio from September 8 to 29, 2011. There will be a public opening reception on Thursday, September 8 from 7 to 10pm. Kokoro Studio is located at 682 Geary Street in San Francisco, just a few blocks from Union Square, and is open Thursday through Friday from 2pm to 8pm, Saturday from 12pm to 7pm, and by appointment. For more information, please and

7pm Thursday 5.5.2011: Art Opening: “Unhealthy” by Mayumi Tanaka

Kokoro Studio announces 

"Unhealthy," a Solo Exhibition by Mayumi Tanaka

Reception: May 5. 7pm - 10pm

Performance by Spobra starts at 9pm


SAN FRANCISCO, CA—Kokoro Studio is pleased to announce "Unhealthy," a solo show of drawings, craft, and performance by Japanese artist Mayumi Tanaka, on view through May 5 - May 26, 2011. The exhibition will commence with a special opening night performance by Tanaka’s dance and acting group, SpoBra.

Mayumi Tanaka treads a thin line of quirky cuteness. She stands at once on both sides of the cute aesthetic, embracing and undermining it in the same work. Brightly colored drawings bely insidious content; child-like costuming and game-show music contrast with the sincerity of her performances. Dualities are recurrent in Tanaks’a art, because she uses drawing and performance to attempt an honest translation of human feelings. Her newest body of work explores her own secret bad habits, with an emphasis on their reality. To Tanaka, the reality of bad habits is their duality: seductive, but unhealthy, tempting, but destructive.

The resulting drawings can take the viewer by surprise. The immediate impact of the luscious color palate and cartoonish contour lines feels carefree and naive. A closer look, however, reveals drooping faces, ghostly shadows, graying skin, and the undeniable impression that something is wrong. 

Mayumi Tanaka was born in Tokyo, Japan, and lives and works in the Culver City arts district of Los Angeles. She graduated from Asagaya Art College in Tokyo. Her artwork and performance have been exhibited throughout the state of California. 


Unhealthy will be on view at Kokoro Studio from May 5 to May 26, 2011. There will be a public opening reception on Thursday, May 5 from 7pm to 10pm. Kokoro Studio is located at 682 Geary Street in San Francisco, just a few blocks from Union Square, and is open Tuesday through Friday from 2pm to 8pm, Saturday from 12pm to 7pm, and by appointment.

For more information, please visit,,  and

- written by Christine Peterson

Thursday 3.3.2011: Art Opening: “Bahama Kangaroo” by Yukako Ezoe


Kokoro Studio announces
"Bahama Kangaroo"

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—Kokoro Studio is pleased to host "Bahama Kangaroo," the solo exhibition of artist Yukako Ezoe. A Japanese-American artist, designer, and teacher, Ezoe investigates history and mythology through stylistic references in her fictional landscapes and invented personalities. She mixes cultures and media to narrate a world of romantic, dream-like imagination, whether on the side of a building or a pair of shoes. 

Ezoe’s varied art practice includes collage, painting, installation, video, and drawing. Her interests are just as varied, and past projects have dealt with topics as divergent as religious media control and the mythology of cultural ritual. Japanese pop artist Yokoo Tadanori’s work of the 1960s and 70s is an evident influence on Ezoe’s high-contrast color choices and her compositional style. At the same time, she finds inspiration for natural subject matter in field studies, such as the bird paintings of wildlife artist John James Audubon. For her solo show, Ezoe is creating new work in the form of self-portraits. Through extensive use of personal symbolism, she represents aspects of historical and popular culture with which she identifies. Her materials reflect herself: bits of Japanese kimono fabric, dark colors representing her love of the night, the image of a percussion instrument that allows her to imagine the elongated resonance of its music upon sight. 

Ezoe received her BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2006. As a San Francisco resident, Ezoe cites the local cost of living and community concern for the environment as catalysts for being resourceful in art making. She limits the materials she purchases from art supply stores, and supplements with found and used materials, with a goal of creating the least possible amount of waste in the process. Her professional involvements in the San Francisco community include teaching art with Larkin Street Youth Services, a non-profit that provides rebuilding resources to at-risk, runaway, and homeless youth. She is also a teaching artist with Precita Eyes Mural Arts Association, where she has participated in the creation of a dozen community mural projects since 2006. Besides teaching, Ezoe applies her artistic skills to curating, graphic design, live painting events, and her current project, Bahama Kangaroo, a line of jewelry and silk-screened t-shirts made in collaboration with her husband, Naoki Onodera.

"Bahama Kangaroo" will be on view at Kokoro Studio from March 3 to March 24, 2011. There will be a public opening reception on Thursday, March 3 from 7pm to 10pm.

Kokoro Studio is located at 682 Geary Street in San Francisco, just a few blocks from Union Square, and is open Tuesday through Friday from 2pm to 8pm, Saturday from 12pm to 7pm, and by appointment. 

For more information, please contact

Today 6pm “Dialogue” 8pm Artist Talk by JiandYin

Thank you for all who came and supported artists JiandYin and Kokoro last thursday. We had a great opening and had great comments from everyone.

Today is their last day of doing an interactive performance. We would like to invite you all to join the performance and get your portrait for free. The performance will start at 6pm at Kokoro studio. The following the performance, JiandYin will have an artist talk with Q&A starting at 8pm. This will be a great opportunity to see their past artwork from Thailand and NY, also to hear about their artist in residency experiences at Headlands center of the arts and ISCP in Brooklyn.

please contact for more information: contact

I hope to see you at Kokoro.

Art Opening: “Hold it Tight” this Thursday 8.5.2010 7-10pm

New York based artist, Yuriko Katori utilizes her master’s degree in
Illustration as Visual Essay to skim the surface of Art Nouveau influence. Pencil, Watercolor, Charcoal and Paper intermingle to host elegant expressions of feminine subtlety.
Katori’s work creates a private space that ripples with personal eccentricity, allowing the viewer to meditate upon otherwise harrowing subjects. Sexuality, confusion, hunger and isolation are rendered humane with delicate precision.
Katori’s current work, “the 1,000 pie” coaxes the gentle bond of innocence and simple drawing by way of visual storytelling.

"Hold it Tight" showcases Katori’s current ruminations on the systematic eccentricities of “normal” daily routine. With works in
various mediums from pencil to oil to storytelling and picturebooks,
Katori places herself into a peculiar universe where societal laws are dissected and quietly questioned.

To learn more about artist please visit her website:

or email them at :

The opening for “Hold it Tight” is Thursday, August 5, 2010 from 7-10 pm at Kokoro Studio. The opening coincides with the monthly First Thursday Art event in San Francisco. The exhibition is also available for viewing during regular gallery hours, Tuesdays – Saturdays 1pm-7pm.

more information about Kokoro Studio please contact

7/28 Wednesday 6pm at Kokoro: workshop by Ru Kuwahata & Max Porter from Tiny Inventions

Hi everyone!

Thanks again for coming to the fantastic opening of Ru Kuwahata and Max Porter’s, “Something Left, Something Taken.”  Kokoro Studio would like to extend a special invitation to join us once more for an intimate look into the creative process.  We will be examining key set pieces from the feature followed by a Q&A and subsequent showings of their other equally unique films.
Doors will open at 6pm on Wednesday the 28th. 

Hope we will see you at Kokoro!

more info about Tiny Inventions